Teach Baby Signs® Classes and Workshops

bonitamicky2The Baby Signs® Program offers the most comprehensive line of classes for parents and early childhood professionals. Each class is:

  • Written by child development experts
  • Developmentally appropriate
  • Engaging for parents and babies
  • Filled with child development information


By becoming a certified Baby Signs® Independent Certified Instructor (ICI), you can join our growing community of instructors teaching around the world. Baby Signs® ICIs include educators, speech language pathologists, social workers, therapists, interpreters, parents, child development professionals and those who simply enjoy working with children and families. Many instructors are teaching at community based hospitals, state programs, parenting programs, child development centers, community centers and other children's health and educational organizations, including Child Development Centers on US military bases around the world.

What's included in the Business Kit?

When you become a certified Baby Signs® Instructor, you'll receive a full Business Kit with lesson plans, marketing resources and exciting teaching tools!
Note: As of 1/1/23, BeeBo™, the Baby Signs® Bear puppet, will no longer be included in the business kit. 

  • ICI kit without BeeboParent Workshop Curriculum with detailed lesson plans
  • Sign, Say & Play Class® Curriculum with detailed lesson plans
  • MORE Sign, Say & Play Class® Curriculum with detailed lesson plans (starting 1/1/23)
  • Resource files with printable handouts and flyers
  • ICI Program Handbook
  • Curricula Video
  • Workshop Presentation Video
  • Circle Time Book Collection
  • Signing Flash Cards
  • Instructor Music
  • 5 Quick Reference Guides (starting 1/1/23)
  • USB Flash Drive with all files


Drs. Acredolo and Goodwyn have developed very clear and complete lesson plans for all Baby Signs® workshops and classes. Even inexperienced teachers will feel confident because they will have all the tools needed to deliver exciting and informative classes. We provide training - in both infant sign language, early childhood development and a certification to teach the Baby Signs® Program.

As a new ICI, you will receive a self-paced training program, consisting of both written and video materials that you can complete at home on your schedule.


All Independent Certified Instructors have access to Baby Signs® Support Resources free of charge. The Baby Signs® Program maintains an Instructor Directory on www.babysignstoo.com so that families can contact their local instructor for class information. New ICIs are provided with information about starting a business, creating a marketing plan and giving exciting classes and workshops. Instructors provide support and encouragement for each other through chats, emails and daily discussion boards. In addition, ICIs can easily access the Instructor Support Site and download forms, fliers, marketing materials and other important documents. 

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Over 25 Years

25 years

Signing In Child Care

Signing with babies is growing in popularity among directors of child care programs. To service this trend, the Baby Signs® Program has developed an Early Childhood Educator Curriculum to help large and small child care providers incorporate signing into their classrooms. We are currently working with both Bright Horizons and Mini-Skools, two major child care corporations, to help them add the Baby Signs® Program to their curricula.

American Academy of Pediatrics

American Academy of Pediatrics’ Heading Home with Your Newborn (2011): “Infant sign language really does deliver on its promise of improved communication….It’s easy to see why so many parents swear by it, why child care centers include it in their infant and toddler classrooms, and why it has become so commonplace as an activity of daily learning” (pp.173-174).



Because my father-in-law is Deaf, all his grandchildren were taught to sign. I was the first one, though, that had heard about the Baby Signs® Program and could try it with my own daughter. My father-in-law was so impressed with how easily she learned the signs at such a young age that he's now a super big fan and recommends the program to every parent he meets.

—Bonita, Virginia ICI