Early Childhood Educator (ECE) Training

ECE**Many of our Baby Signs® Classes and Workshops are now available virtually.**
This professional training is designed to give early childhood educators everything needed to teach the Baby Signs® Program to infants and toddlers in their centers.

One goal of this program is to help child care programs of any size—big or small—begin enjoying the benefits that come from incorporating signing into daily interactions between children and teachers. The other equally important goal is to help family service agencies (such as nonprofit organizations, hospitals, nanny agencies, child care resource and referral services, etc.) learn how to easily incorporate the Baby Signs® Program into their existing early childhood and parenting programs and their community outreach efforts.

If you are a Child Care Center owner or manager you may order this program directly and certify your center on your own! Click here to order now. If you would like a Baby Signs® Independent Certified Instructor to certify your center, click here to find an instructor near you.

The ECE Training is a 3-hour staff training program to certify the center or organization to become a Baby Signs® Certified Center. The ECE Training is delivered using the Center Certification Program (CCP), a video-based training that enables centers and organizations to train their staff with or without the help of a Baby Signs® Instructor. The training lasts approximately 3 hours—with games, songs, and activities liberally sprinkled throughout to keep teachers engaged and excited as they learn.
ECE training

The Center Certification Program includes printed staff training guide, DVDs, CDs and a USB flash drive the with following:

  • Staff Training Guide with step-by-step instructions on how to prepare for and deliver the training. 
  • Center Certification Training video with three chapters: (1) "Overview for Facilitators;" (2) "The Early Childhood Educator Training" providing the heart of the training; and (3) "The Baby Signs® Program in Action," a 3-minute, narrated video of babies using signs.
  • Center Certification Training Resources which include the documents needed to conduct the training, complete certification and market the center's inclusion of the Baby Signs® Program.
  • Baby Signs® Program Introduction video.
  • Video Dictionary with 150 of the most frequently used ASL signs and 35 baby-friendly modifications.
  • Classroom Resource Fileswith resources to help staff become successful in implementing the Baby Signs® Program in their center. Includes posters, parent newsletters, color time pages, log and song lyrics.